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Do you often ask yourself……

How do I engage my staff more?
How do we become more productive & efficient?
How do we improve our customer experience?
How do we save money on recruitment & on-boarding of staff?
How do we support the wellbeing of the staff?

I deliver a range of leadership training programmes including;

  • bespoke in-house training
  • public courses
  • workshops
  • mentoring sessions

“Nicki is one of our finest deliverers of Liberating Leadership® and Pioneering Professional®. The way she has embraced the learning and share it in a way which excites and delights her clients is exemplary. The power of Liberating Leadership is the process … what you do day-by-day to build and maintain sustained high performance. The engaging way Nicki explains this to leaders means they make immediate and dramatic improvements in the way they work. Backed up by her extensive HR experience, Nicki understands the pain leaders feel when it comes to leading and developing their people. With infectious enthusiasm she leads them to a different way of thinking which allows them and their people to shine.”

Ali Stewart – author and founder of accrediting body for Liberating Leadership® & Pioneering Professional®

Liberating Leadership® Programme

As a Liberating Leadership® Practitioner, I am qualified to deliver a 2-3 day training programme providing mentoring and coaching sessions for a variety of different management levels, including Senior Managers and Directors.

The two-day intensive programme will enable you to realign your mindset, give you a path to run on and learn new leadership skills that you may not have thought about or been taught before. The course is designed for you to do a MOT on yourself and is highly interactive. It requires you to complete some pre course questionnaires that will guide you through the two days and identify your development areas, offering new effective solutions for you to take back to your teams to get them engaged and highly motivated.

Benefits of the Training Programme:

  • Understanding your own behaviours as a Manager
  • Increases Staff Engagement and Retention
  • Improves Productivity
  • Better communication within teams and across the business
  • Provides Managers with a Process
  • Contributes to the wellbeing of Staff


I also provide 1-2-1 mentoring, designed around your personal needs to help put training into practice once you are back in the workplace.

This can be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis, to help really ensure you achieve the desired results you set out to.

Jane Hodgkins – Head of Marketing at the National Museum of the Royal Navy

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“I have found the Liberating Leadership® sessions really worthwhile, the course is structured well and is engaging throughout.

I have attended similar sessions in the past, but found that the content of this session really resonated with me in a way that other courses hadn’t. I was immediately able to pinpoint specific examples in my own work as we moved through the programme, I learned much more about my own style and techniques than I expected.

I couldn’t praise the support and guidance Nicki has given me enough, I have made significant progress in such a short space of time and am already seeing results both individually and collectively within my team.

I have found the process, both the initial course and my subsequent sessions with Nicki invaluable. If you manage people then Liberating Leadership could be of benefit to you and your team – it certainly has been for me.”

Marc Farrance
General Manager
Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum

Pioneering Professional®

Pioneering Professional® is a programme that teaches your team how to develop the underlying attitude and 7 key attributes that will ultimately guarantee their personal success.

It gives individuals the opportunity to review and enhance their thinking and skills, raise their game, enjoy their careers, and take their performance from good to extreme.

Benefits of Pioneering Professional®:

  • Assess your current mindset & expand your thinking
  • Reduce stress in the workplace
  • Understanding the ‘Work Victim’
  • Gives you the tools for self-development
  • Encourages business oriented thinking
  • Allows you to become self directing

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“Leaders don’t force people to follow, they invite them on a journey.”

– Charles S. Lauer