Implementation and Coaching Programme

Attending the management training course is the easy part. During or just after the course we reflect on all the things we have learned, maybe get a little excited about the prospect of the positive changes we can make. However, inevitably the day job takes over and we sometimes lose sight of these learnings and struggle with putting them into place.

HOW2HR offers an Implementation programme as the second phase of the Management Training. This part of the programme is completed through hourly 1:1 Coaching sessions and has six stages, which include actions, analysis, and feedback to guide you through. HOW2HR believes that embedment of the training is the key to success and this six-stage implementation programme enables you to do just that.

You become a true ‘Leader – Developer’ when

Stage 1
You have created and adhere to an agreed way of working with your direct reports

Stage 2
You understand each person in your team as an individual and know how to communicate and get the best out of them

Stage 3
You are able to measure and support the team’s performance, so they deliver to the best of their ability

Stage 4
You have received clear feedback from the team on your own improvements as a manager

Stage 5
You have developed individuals, enabling them to become interdependent

Stage 6
You create sustainability across the team at the highest level

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or work hours. It’s about relationships.”

– Jim Kouzes